May. 29th, 2009


May. 29th, 2009 10:17 pm
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My niece called in a panic today. She lives in a small town about an hour's drive away, and she is a supervisor at a recycling depot. They brought in a trailer full of cardboard boxes this morning and as they started unloading it, they heard plaintive mewing.

Someone had stuffed seven kittens in a small box, closed it up, and left it with the recycling.

That makes me so angry. I leave it to karma to deal with them... but I'd still like a few minutes in a room with whoever left the kittens there. I get a baseball bat and one swing for each kitten. But I digress. At least the kittens were rescued before the baler.

Anyway, my niece was desperate for someone to take care of the kittens.

So of course [ profile] gesthen and I offered to take them. It was serendipity at its finest. We were celebrating my last day of work before we're both taking six weeks off... so we have plenty of time for the three feedings per day these guys will need. We had planned to go on a road trip, but like [ profile] gesthen says, seven furry little lives trump a road trip any time.

When my niece and her boyfriend brought them to us, the kittens were all mewing loudly and crawling around. We mixed up three bottles of kitten milk replacer and started feeding, burping, and of course rubbing their bums to make them pee and poo. My shirt is covered in splashes of kitten milk replacer, but the kittens are warm, content, and sleeping now. I'm so happy. :)

My niece took some pictures of them today, I'll have more soon I'm sure. ;)

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We were driving home to meet my niece and her boyfriend, and I suddenly gasped "Oh no... seven Oh Names!"

It took [ profile] gesthen a few seconds to realize what I meant.

This is our "O" litter, which means all the names have to start with O. Seven of them.

At least it wasn't Q. :P

We already have a few ideas. The kitten that is black and quite a bit of white can be Oreo. The light orange one, of course, is OJ. We like Olive, Oscar, Ono (Ono, get away from there!), Owen, and Orlando.

When we were trying to get them all weighed and looked at, they were mewing up a storm. Our cat Molly was absolutely fascinated by them. She started meowing and obviously wanted to go into the box with them. We carefully watched her and let her go to see what she'd do. She carefully positioned a kitten by pushing it with her nose, then picked it up in her mouth to head off with it. It was totally "You monkeys obviously aren't doing anything, so I'm going to take care of this myself!" Molly's eyes were HUGE. We had to put her in her room and close the door so she wouldn't keep trying to "help" the kittens. Poor murr.


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