Jun. 11th, 2009

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The kittens are doing very well, gaining anywhere from 5g to 30g each day. Today we clipped their claws for the second time. When they're really small the claws are just too darn small to safely clip, so you do have to put up with scratches. I find that using hand cream helps, because dry skin will scratch very easily.

It's getting harder to hold the little squirmers when we pee and poo them. I wrap a fuzzy washcloth around them so that I can hold them tight without having to actually try and grab their little arms. Scruffing them doesn't work because their reflex is to tuck up their legs and tail, effectively blocking access to the area. Sigh! And oh the mewing. First they seem to realize they feel better, and they stretch their legs and stay quiet. When the pressure starts getting relieved, they start to mew indignantly. Should a poo come along, then it's OMG ALIENZ ARE IN MAH BUTT and they start MEWING so loud that it actually can make your ears "cut out" like any loud noise. You'd swear we were killing them.

They are starting to lift themselves off the ground and actually walk! Opal even jumped for the top edge of the plastic tote! Of course she didn't make it, but it was so cool to see. Orlando managed to get his back legs working but his front legs weren't organized yet. He would jump in a direction but the landing... not so elegant.

Oliver was getting too much milk (runny poo) so we reduced his feedings a bit and it's much better now, and he's still gaining weight. We have to watch Oreo carefully as she would eat until she burst if she was allowed. Reminds me so much of Dancer from our D litter, who ate until he threw up and then had to be taken to the emergency vet because he was in an insulin coma. He survived, which was amazing.

I often wonder what our kittens are like now. Did they find good homes? What did they look like when they grew up? DId we do a good job socializing them? Unfortunately we haven't heard from anyone who has adopted a kitten from us. We even gave a DVD of kitten pictures and a "thank you for adopting" card (containing contact info and a request for updates) with each kitten from our F litter, in hopes that the families would contact us once the kittens were grown. Nothing. It's just a bit disappointing.

If you've adopted a pet from a shelter, please email them with your "Success story" of how your new family member is doing. I guarantee you'll make someone's day.
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Kittens love to snuggle into fake fur and suck on it as they go to sleep. We discovered this when we put a cat bed in their plastic tote that had fake fur on it. Makes sense, it would be like their mom.

But what to do when that one piece of fake fur gets peed on and is in the wash?

Use a plush stingray, of course. It isn't quite like that one, I got it from the Mandalay Bay aquarium gift shop. It's nice and flat with lots of suckling surface. The kittens love it.

And someday someone will ask why I have a plush stingray, and I'll say "For the kittens to suck on, of course."


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