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Today we took the kittens out of the cage and gave them the run of the downstairs bedroom. They were getting playful and needed to run!

We fed them and then placed each one in a litterbox on the floor as they were finished. They ventured out a short way from the litterbox, but seemed hesitant. So much space! To make things familiar, we put their bed close to the litterbox and their food and water dishes where they were in relation in the cage. That made them happier and they began to explore.

It wasn't long before they connected our feet with our hands, and would sit on our foot and mew if they wanted cuddles. Tonight I made the mistake of wearing long pants and the kittens figured out they could just climb right up. Or at least Opal figured it out, Orlando (my orange sweetie) just watched her with this look on his face like "Wow. Why would you do that?" I picked him up anyway for snuggles.

The kittens are eating soft food mixed with water, and are free fed dry kitten food. We saw Ophelia eating some today, and Oreo definitely knows how to drink from the water bowl.

How to choose a kitten food? We chose the food with the highest protein content and fat content. Strangely, that is Iams kitten, and not any of the more expensive "premium" brands. Go figure.

The only really hard rule about soft food is: choose one you don't mind wearing. Because you will wear it, oh yes. Just when you think you're going to get away without a major mess, a kitten plunges a paw into the gooshy food and then shakes it. Or takes a faceplant in the food and sneezes and shakes its head. Mmmm, mystery meat.

The latest challenge is getting out of the room without kittens following us. One of us can leave and shut the door just as a wave of kittens bounces off of it. Luckily they have the attention spans of... kittens, and soon they stop meowing at the door and run off to play. Then the other one of us has to do the same thing. This will only get more difficult.

We're so glad that they're still doing well! We continue to weigh them every morning and feed them soft food twice a day, along with playtime and cuddles of course. We also do "butt check" to make sure they are clean, because we don't want them to learn to live with being dirty. They are mostly doing OK on that front, amazingly. Instinct is a powerful thing.
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