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The kittens are now eating from plates on the floor, although a few of them miss all the attention while they ate and will eat a bit, run to us for cuddles, then meow at us because they're still hungry. So we put them back at the food, they eat more, run back to us... silly kitties. Between the seven of them they're eating nearly four small cans of kitten food per feeding, which is now twice a day.

Here is a picture of the canned food mixed with water and a bit of KMR. That was four days ago, yesterday we just mixed it with some plain water, and today they got it right out of the can. They also have dry food and water available at all times.

When we go into the room, we sneak up so they don't hear us and rush the door. We run in (careful to not catch a kitten with the door), carrying the garbage can and clean towels and plates. We do a quick "butt check" to ensure the kittens are clean, and now they usually are. Then if it's morning we weigh them all, if not, we put food down for them.

Then it's the fun part, we sit on the futon and wait to become kitten playgrounds. :) Eventually they calm down and sleep on us, which is the best part of raising kittens in my opinion.

We've introduced them to our dog Annie a few times. Orion and Orlando hissed at first and retreated to our arms for safety, but they overcame their fear quickly and ended up crawling all over her like everyone else. Poor patient dog. :)

More pictures and info

The kittens used to look like this after eating, all nice and calm.

Now they're bigger and ready to be fed!

Here they are eating on the floor. At the top of this picture you can see how we've had the vinyl flooring put up the walls as well, with a silicone sealant at the floorline. Great for cleanup!

For a while we had offered the kittens some milk as well, but not any more. Here's a few pics of Oliver checking out the bottle.

And Othello drinking, from quite a few days ago!

Here's Opal being as cute as she can be. Which is pretty darn cute.

More pictures of Opal: Picture 1 Picture 2

Ophelia is getting big and curious!

Oreo goes "Wha?"

Mom holds Orion, who is learning to groom!

Our dog Annie is so gentle and tolerant. Here Opal is scaling Mount Annie.

Here they both check out the antics of the kittens on the floor.
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