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Opal and Orlando got their respective reproductive organs yoinked out of them yesterday.  "Pediatric" spays and neuters are quite nice, the kittens recover faster and definitely don't have time to get bad habits from their hormones kicking in.  Mortality rates are lower, and there are no chances for accidental babies.  Apparently one odd effect is that they may be taller and longer than cats neutered later in life, due to their bones growing for a longer time. 

The official paperwork sent home with them cautioned to "reduce their activity levels", but the tech and I both grinned and rolled our eyes because... they're kittens.  We won't play with them using toys that make them twist and jump, but we can't prevent them from fighting with each other and running around.  Well, technically we could put them both in separate small areas, but I think the mental trauma would be worse than the remote possibility that they might rip their stitches out while playing.

They were leaving their stitches alone, so we didn't put cones on them, but we're prepared.  That's really a last resort.

We were told that we should only feed them a little bit last night, because they might have upset tummies.  Thus we were treated to a display of two kittens who thought we were the stupidest monkeys on the planet.  They so clearly tried to tell us they were still hungry.  Poor babies. 

This morning they were all over the food when we brought it in.  Orlando finally looked up and came to visit us, but then looked back and went back to the food.  So cute, he was torn between snuggles and more food.  Finally they both came and cuddled us, happy that we'd finally gotten the message. Humans are so slow sometimes. :P

Orlando didn't slow down much at all due to the surgery, Opal did seem a bit tired last night.  She gets painkillers by mouth for the next few days, once a day, just in case.  The incision on her belly is only half an inch long, it's quite impressive that they can make such a little cut. 

This weekend our family members are coming in to adopt them and take them home!  So glad. 


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