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On Friday I was at the SPCA working on computers when some kittens were dropped off. Apparently a homeowner had a male cat and her tenants had a female cat. When they left they left the kittens with the landlord, taking their female cat with them. The kittens are three weeks old. Honestly, who does that?

I helped the kennel attendant on duty feed the babies, although they seemed less than interested in the slurry of wet food. They were all meowing in the way that kittens do when they’re just wondering what is going on. They were scared and wanted their mom back, I’d imagine. Poor babies. Anyway, the kennel attendant said something about fostering them herself, and so I went on my merry way.

Apparently that didn’t work out because yesterday while we were away we got a message asking us if we were interested in fostering the kittens. We thought about it for a few minutes... I mean, we were looking for a break... but hey, we had two weekends off, right? So today we went in and got the babies.

There are four of them, and I will introduce them over the next few days. One is a boy who is polydactyl, with six toes on his front paws and five on his back. We’ve named him Quintcy (emphasis on the Quint for the five back toes). :)

When we picked them up they were absolutely covered in soft food. They were eating a bit of it, but mostly they were walking through it and getting it all over themselves. The first order of business when we got them all home was a warm bath. They purred, partly because it was warm and partly because they were getting attention, I’m sure.

Pictures and more


What a little bedraggled rat. :) Those huge ears remind me so much of Yoda.

After the bath it was time for peeing/pooing them, weighing, and food. They are going on their own, but it’s hard to tell if they are really going or just being stimulated by crawling on the blankets. They are not walking well enough to be crouching in the litterbox to pee, so we will back up a step and treat them like they still need help in that area, for a few days anyway.


Well, they are almost weaned, so there was some chewing too. They weren’t interested in the soft food at all, but I’m sure they will be soon since I know they had eaten some at the shelter.

Kittens can have “failure to thrive” much like human babies can. It is important to pet them like a momma cat would clean them. For that reason, and because snuggling sleeping kittens is the best thing in the world, Gesthen and I are currently sitting here with kittens on our chests. Occasionally one will wake up and start purring again and maybe knead a little, then fall quiet again into sleep. I hope our heartbeat and breathing is a comfort to them. Soon it will be time for us to go on with our day, and they’ll go into the plastic tote to sleep on the heating pad.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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