Jun. 15th, 2009

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The orphan kittens are three weeks old now (and maybe a few days older). They are a lot sturdier on their legs and are starting to play and fight with each other! Orlando even had "midnight crazies" for the first time, I think he was trying to chase his shadow. So cute!

We have started mixing some canned kitten food into milk and feeding it to them through a nipple that has been basically cut mostly right off so the canned food bits will go through. We start each kitten on that, they're so hungry that by the time they realize it tastes funny they've eaten some of it. Then we finish them off on milk. Soon we'll be trying to get them to drink milk from a saucer, then adding canned kitten food to that.

The room in the basement is almost ready. Gesthen has cleaned out the cage formerly used for rabbits and mopped the floor. We found a set of "pet steps" that will work nicely as a way for the kittens to get in and out of the cage. They won't be ready to do that on their own for a few days yet, but they do need to be in a space where they can have a litter box and some dry food and water available.

They grow so fast! Pictures are behind the cut! )


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