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The kittens are all growing and eating well. It is taking longer each time to feed and clean them, right now we're at about an hour and a half each time, or nearly five hours a day. There is no way we could be doing this if we were working. We have managed to do it for four kittens in the past, but seven is just insane! We're glad things worked out for the kittens with the timing, but we honestly are disappointed that our vacation plans were scrapped. Holding a purring, contented, sleepy kitten does make up for a lot of that though. :)

Adding to the fun is the fact that I managed to trip and fall on a perfectly fine sidewalk, landing on my side and whacking my rib cage a good one. I'm going to the doctor today to have it checked out, but it means that bending and moving in certain ways is not a happy thing for me, so [ profile] gesthen has to do even more. I appreciate it so much, but I also feel guilty. Thank goodness I didn't injure anything that keeps me from feeding and cleaning kittens.

Today Oreo drank a bit much and when we went to pee and poo her after feeding, even though she'd burped, she burped up milk into her mouth. I immediately brought her upright and patted her back, then to make sure she wouldn't breathe the milk in, I took a firm grip on her and swung her down toward the ground, head-first, a couple of times. That uses centripetal force to get any milk out of her lungs. It worked well and she did sneeze a little, but seems fine. We're going to have to make sure she doesn't overeat.


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